Filter and control guest, protect the scene, manage crowd movements, anticipate panic while remaining courteous and professional.

Family Events

Weddings, Bart Mitzvahs, birthdays, family parties at home or in public places. We make these moments of happiness our priority, and act as your guardian angels so that nothing will ruin these special moments.

Artists, Private, Children, Families...



Wedding, Birthday, Bar-Mitzva...

young people

Ariel Forman-Makoff was responsible for the youth Department of an official agency from 2008 to 2013, whereby he acquired extensive experience in securing schools and the training of hardworking staff as well as awareness and reactions to emergency situations involving children.

Convey or on foot, armed or not (according to country laws ) for short or long term periods. Our staff are train in Israel by the best instructors in the world and have experience dealing with various improbably scenarios while remaining minimally intrusive and discreet.

Discreet - Professional - Efficient

your safety is our priority

We are based in Israel and our widespread experience in the protection of people and goods taught us descretion, modesty and humility.

 Our staff has been carefully selected and trained in safety and security from various specialized agenciespolice or military units.

youth organizations, Schools, party...

Concert, Night-Club, Party...

Red Team

business, administration, school ...

Are you sure about the safety of your business? 

Our specialist teams are trained to test and verify with you that you have the best protection and To detect all the flaws.

Physical Security

Companies, shops, shopping center, sites ...

we believe it is not enough for a security guard to own a card to be effective. That is why each of our staff is sorted and trained to respond to the specificities of each of these missions